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Email - Can't select a date.

If you can not select a send date, it may be related to your internet browser.
Users who access the system using Internet Explorer 8+ may have issues due to incompatibility issues with older scripts.
We are looking for an alternative method to providing data.
Until that is resolved however, customers will be asked to use a Firefox (recommended) or Chrome browser.

Email - When are email campaigns sent?

Email campaigns are sent on their scheduled date at 1pm CST.
It is important to note that if your campaign has not gone out by the time, to contact support.
If an email campaign does not have a link in place or full content has not been provided, the campaign will not be sent.
Failure to supply full content by the scheduled date, voids out send date guarantees.
New send dates will be applied once content is in place and can average 5-7 business days or longer for resend.

Email - What is the maximum characters allowed in email?

We do not put a limit on the amount of email characters that can be placed into the body of an email we send.
It is important to note however, that the longer the email, the more likely the email will not be read.
This in turns reduces response to an order.

Email - What is the maximum character length permitted in a title?

We do not restrict the length of a title. However we do advise customers to keep it under 30 characters.

Email - How do you build your email lists?

We run thousands of ads through our network and various website that offer newsletters.
We also manage thousands of various email newsletters for many different companies.
As part of our list management agreements, we are able to send highly targeted emails to those lists we manage a few times a month.
Every email we obtain on our own, or manage for our clients are all triple optin through our exclusive optin processes.
Our lists are always safe and always guaranteed.

Email - How do I add an image to my email campaign?

We do not host images for email campaigns due to the additional bandwidth it costs us to send out the email.
In addition when a user receives and email with an attachment it gets flagged and dropped in the trash almost instantly.
You would have to upload this to your server and reference it as an html img tag.

Email - Do you allow HTML in email campaigns?

We recommend that all email campaigns be HTML based when sending out, to increase their effectiveness.
This allows for text formatting and other features that can not be portrayed with plain text.
If you are planning on adding images to your email, you must make sure that your email images are remotely hosted
as we will not host any images for this purpose.

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